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Your mind, a source of energy!

This year too Energy Holding rewarded the brilliant children from Valea Topologului. The special award for the best essay on energy went to Melania Popescu, a 7th grade student from the "Radu Serban" School of Salatrucu:

Dexter and the Mystery

Dexter was my friend and I was in a hurry to get to his place. We were in the summer of 2035. My world had not changed that much since my school days, when my teacher would torture me with those sappy essays on exact sciences, and when I was impressed by the first solar energy-fuelled plane (that was 2012, I guess).

Just like me, my friend had a passionate interes in renewable energy and the future of energy. All of a sudden I spotted a bottle floating an the water. I opened the bottle and read the maessage inside: "We have been hit by a tremendous storm...villages bombed...The power plant damaged. We're isolated. Help!"

I was wondering how the bottle had got there. My friend was deeply involved in his experiment.

"Dexter, what will we be talking about today?"I asked in curiosity.

"About sun, light, wind, water. Or about what helped this bottle reach the store"

"Oh, it was that dear friend of my sunny childhood days, when I used to the bathe in the village river until late at night and my mother, who was kind at heart but way too long-tongued, would scold me for my hanging out".

"Did you know that water was one of the first sources of energy used by humans? Hydropower plants exist because water exists".

"I know al these things. I've been interested in knowing them since I was a child". I knew the operating principles of hydropower plants, I had visited the power plants from Portile de Fier, I had been bungee jumping on the Vidraru dam.

"You really know a lot of things. Do you know how this bottle reached the store?"

"Some of the words are missing.I've managed to make out some of them, but not all of them...Let's find them together!"

"I guess a violent storm hit a village and someone sent out this SOS bottle".

"Maybe. I am looking for the whole message and i still don't know what it is".

"I'll take the message to the police station later. Maybe they will find the answer".

"Water, sun, wind...the seemingly simple things are the source of great discoveries".

"You know, I'm working on a project. I guess hydrogen is the fuel of our future. We can get it from sea and ocean water by means of electricity. It reacts with oxygen to produce water".

...Not even a moment of suspicion of what the truth was: that Dexter was not a real boy, but only a cartoon and that I, the writer, could make him discover why it was him who had received the message; and that I was just a child, who had never been to Portile de Fier and who had felt so terribly scared writing that I had been bungee jumping at Vidraru.

And we are in June 2012, in the "Your mind, a source of energy!" contest. But one thing is true: I am passionately interested in exact sciences and I am not good at writing sappy essays.

Fot the seventh time in a row, Energy Holding organized "Your mind, a source of energy!", a contest for 5-7 graders studying in the school of Cepari, Suici and Salatrucu (Arges County).

The contest final was held on the 1st of June, i.e. Children,s Day, and was followed by a prize draw and a party for all the contestants, thei fellow students and a number of teachers from the three scools mentioned previously.The mayors and other official representatives of the three localities attended the award ceremony.

The first prize was won by Gherghina Stefania Amalia, a 7th grader from Toma Bratianu Suici School, with Apostu Ana-Maria, a 5th grader at Toma Bartianu Suici School, and Solomon Elena -Diana, an 8th grader at Nicolae Velea Cepari School coming next(with the second and third prize, respectively).The prizes ere laptops with printers, tablets. All of the 24 children who made it to the final got scooters, backpacks, games,books and candy as presents.